Four Loves

"I was inspired to make this sculpture while reading C. S. Lewis' Four Loves.

I decided to present the loves as the foundation stones on top of which the weight of the world should be supported.

The first stone represents Faith/Affection Love (AGAPE) which I have made out of polished bronze so as to look pure. The second stone represents Passion/Love (EROS) which I have represented as a red (passion) stone strong but yet fragile on its own. The third is Friendship (PHILIA) I have made this in polished stainless steel, because you are reflected in your friends. And finally the fourth represents Family love (STORGE) and I have made this one out of wood, a warm material, because it's live, organic and it grows.

On top of these stones you build your world, which is a complex puzzle that has to be assembled. And finally, when you assemble this all, you build your relationship and if you then manage to keep it in a perfect balance you achieve the ultimate goal of having a long lasting relationship which is magical and more precious than gold."

Selected Works

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Lorenzo Quinn

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Lorenzo Quinn


The Four Loves

Lorenzo Quinn